Environmental Policy ENVIRONMENT AND SAFETY…


Environmental Policy

A specific environmental protection policy is applied at A. EVANGELOU MEDICAL LABORATORIES

Our company is contracted with companies licensed by the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Health, which embark on the collection and destruction of biological laboratory waste with specialised technologies.

New technologies are used which employ Physicochemical methods (Wet Air Oxidation etc.), which can treat all Medical-Biological and laboratory waste without harming the environment.

European Standards

The Medical Biological and laboratory waste treatment and processing is strictly based on European Standards and Community Directives (75/442 / ECC, 91/689 / ECC), as well as on techniques and procedures approved by the E.E.A. (EUROPEAN ENIRONMENT AGENCY), providing a complete and safe solution regarding the proper management of Medical and Laboratory waste.

All staff employed at our company undergo special training in protocols and proper handling and management of laboratory waste.

A. EVANGELOU MEDICAL LABORATORIES contributes in actively and responsibly in the protection of the environment and safety of the community.