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The founder of A. EVANGELOU CLINICAL LABORATORY is Dr Andreas Evangelou, a Microbiologist originating from the occupied city of Famagusta.

After the completion of his first degree at the State University of Bucharest, Dr Evangelou worked for a year at the laboratories of the St. Savvas Cancer Hospital in Athens, undertaking unpaid labour, to gain the necessary laboratory work experience.

He, then continued his studies and began his doctoral research in Microbiology at the same University. He had the opportunity and the pleasure to meet and learn by the side of the prominent academic Dr Gheorghe Zarnea*, who for several years was the scientific supervisor and advisor of Dr Evangelou during his doctoral dissertation.

Our History- The Evolution

Following the completion of his Doctoral Research and Dissertation, Dr Evangelou goes on and works for a year at the 106-military hospital of the National Guard and for two years at the clinical laboratories of the Nicosia General Hospital.

Subsequently, at the beginning of 1998, he becomes professionally independent in Xylotymvou and in 1990 he moves to Larnaca, at 35 Grigori Afxentiou Street, opposite the Pancyprian High School in Larnaca, where the establishment remained until the end of 2006, which was then moved to the privately owned facilities at 20-22 Yiannou Kranidioti Street at the Orphanides Building.

Today, the company has expanded, having at its ownership private facilities at the ground and first floor of the Orphanides Palace as well as part of the firth floor in which the Molecular department is located, covering a total of more than 600 square meters.

Proudly, A. EVANGELOU MEDICAL LABORATORY plays a leading role in the field of clinical laboratories in Cyprus, after so many years in business.

We thank you all who stood by us all these years and we promise that we will continue with the same zeal, offering level services and the best that the international community can offer today in the field of Clinical - Molecular and Research Laboratory.

*Professor Dr Docent GHEORGE ZARNEA, President of the Romanian Academy of Sciences, is considered the father of modern Romanian Microbiology, with rich research and written work. He was an academic of international prestige and brilliance. He was a member of the scientific team of the great French scientist JAQUES MONOD during the year he was awarded with The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1965 "for their discoveries concerning genetic control of enzyme and virus synthesis.”