Our Philosophy OUR PHISOLOPHY ....


Scientific Adequacy and Professionalism

Ethos, Scientific Adequacy and Professionalism are the elements that characterise all of us who work at A. EVANGELOU LAB.

Through the passage of time and 30 years of continuous and uninterrupted operation and supply of our services, our philosophy is simple: Respect, appreciation, and humane face towards all of you who have asked for our help, who have spoken to us.

All of us who are the team of A. EVANGELOU LAB, we have learned to see our fellow man, talking to him as if he were one of our own.

The team of A. Evangelou Clinical Laboratory

For us, each person, each examinee is not just a number. Behind the results we see the family, the people, and their problems.

As scientists, we see each of you individually and through our work we try to support you and always advise you for the best.

In this way we have deservedly won a deep relationship of respect and trust with you.

We are proud that with your love, we have become known as one of the largest and most specialised laboratories in Cyprus. This gives us the moral satisfaction to continue our work with the same passion and zeal.