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Advanced Technology

Our company has invested in recent years in high technology systems, with main goal to maintain the quality of services offered, and of course provide great and the most appropriate case-by-case service to each patient, and the medical community in general.

The Elite of the best and most reliable systems available internationally, such as ROCHE, HITACHI, SIEMENS, THERMO FISHER, SYSMEX, OLYMPUS, DNA-TECHNOLOGY, are just a few of the many systems that are operating within our premises.

A. EVANGELOU MEDICAL LABORATORIES has the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment. The entire operation of the laboratory is supported by the most sophisticated and reliable IT SLIS system manufactured by the Greek company “Infomed”.

Network System

The software is a wholly network system installed in the largest public and private hospitals as wells as large diagnostic and laboratory centres in Greece and has recently been installed in all public hospitals in Cyprus.

This system has been installed in our laboratory since 2000! Positive sample recognition systems (Barcode Systems) are installed and operating at all stages of testing to ensure absolute safety.

All the analysers in our laboratory are connected with unique communication protocols to our software SLIS system and are supported by a central system of two parallel servers.

Multiple levels of security and encryption are also utilized to achieve high levels of confidentiality, accuracy and graded data availability.

Indicatively, only some of the analytical systems and instruments that support A. EVANGELOU MEDICAL LABORATORIES:

  • Cobas® 6000 analyser series Roche-Hitachi
  • Biochemistry Analyzer Cobas c 501, Roche-Hitachi
  • Immunoassay Analyzer e 601, Roche-Hitachi
  • Biochemistry Analyzer INDIKO PLUS, Thermo Fisher
  • Biochemistry Analyzer KONE T60, Thermo Fisher
  • Biochemistry Analyzer KONE T20i, Thermo Fisher
  • Immunoassay Analyzer Immulite 2000, DPC-SIEMENS
  • Immunoassay Analyzer Immulite 1000, DPC-SIEMENS
  • ELISA Analyzer ELISIA Plus - ELISA Automatic Analyzer
  • ELISA Analyzer RM50 Plus – ELISA Random Access Automated Analyser
  • Nazar Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Analyzer, PS Elettronica
  • Haematology Analyzer Sysmex XT-1800i, Sysmex
  • Haematology Analyzer DF50, Dymind
  • Haematology Analyzer DF52, Dymind
  • Haematology Analyzer DH26 Dymind
  • Haemostasis / coagulation analyser CA500, Sysmex
  • Analyzer DT prime 5M1 96 Real-time PCR Detection Thermal Cycler, DNA TECHNOLOGY (2)
  • Real Time PCR Analyzer, SaCycler-96R 5x, SACACE
  • Real Time Analyzer PCR ROTOR GENE Q, QIAGEN
  • DNA Extraction System, RNA Savygen NX48 S SAVYON (2)
  • DNA Extraction System, TANBead RNA (2)
  • Biosafety Chamber Safety Cabinet Class II, MRC
  • Bio Safety Cabinet Safety Cabinet Class II, ESCO
  • Biosafety Chamber PCR cabinet, DNA TECHNOLOGY
  • Cooling Centrifuge Z 326 K HERMLE, Labortechnik (3)
  • Cooling Centrifuge IFUGE M24PR, NEUATION
  • CX-31 Microscope, Olympus
  • Microscope micros MCX100LCD with video & photo
  • Microscope Kern Digital microscope OBN-S with video & photo